The Robert Aumann Interview

Robert J. Aumann, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor at the Center for Rationality in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Israeli-American mathematician Robert J. Aumann, the 2005 Nobel Laureate in Economics, is best known for his contributions to Game Theory. He pioneered the concept of correlated equilibrium within the concept of non-cooperative games, among other things. He won the 2005 Nobel along with Thomas Schelling for his work on conflict and cooperation through Game Theory analysis. Unlike several mathematicians whose research has little to do with the real world, Aumann’s work has practical implications. During a recent visit to CKGSB, Aumann, who is a Professor at the Center for the Study of Rationality in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, gave a fascinating talk drawing links between the Talmud and phenomenon from Economics.

After the lecture, he sat down with Mei Jianping, Professor of Finance at CKGSB, for a lively discussion spanning varied topics such as rationality and game theory; forgiveness and revenge; war, peace and unrequited gestures; and whether the Second World War was triggered off by Adolf Hitler or Neville Chamberlain.

Please watch the video for the full interview.

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