The Networked Company: Q&A with Sudhanshu Palsule

Sudhanshu Palsule on what it means to be a leader in a world without distance or hierarchy In their book, The Social Leader, management theorist and executive coach Sudhanshu Palsule and co-author Frank Gugliemo reflect on what it takes to be a leader in this era of instant knowledge and communication. Their theory is that the internet is changing business beyond recognition—undermining traditional corporate hierarchies, transforming most organizations into rapidly evolving multipolar networks, and erasing the traditional line between producers and consumers of information. In this interview Palsule offers his thoughts about how the internet is changing business, how business is … [Read More...]


Companies in the Internet Economy: The Way We Work Now

The internet economy is bringing efficiency to the world of work, but it has downsides as well.  It’s hard to remember what work was like before the internet—particularly if you’re one of the … [Read More...]


Companies in the Internet Economy: The Dawn of Networks

The internet economy is changing the contours of business, and organizations are fast-changing from rigid hierarchy-driven structures to networks. Two decades ago, the rapid growth of the internet was hailed as an … [Read More...]


Family Business Succession Planning in China

Family business succession planning is always tricky. In China it is also fraught with cultural complexities. Today’s China is filled with stories of people who took a few ordinary things—a bicycle, a sewing … [Read More...]


Succeeding with Succession Planning in Public Companies

Succession planning is something boards need to think about constantly, and not just when the CEO is due to retire. Once upon a time, boards picked their CEO for the long haul. “Unless he was hit by a bus, had a … [Read More...]


The Contentious Issue of Succession Planning in Family Business

Succession planning in family business is often the cause of much stress. Are there ways of making the transition smooth while mitigating the risks involved? Family ownership may be one of the most common … [Read More...]


The Dawn of Chinese Consultancy Companies?

Western consultancy companies are facing questions in China. Can Chinese companies capitalize on the moment? On June 9, 2014, in an interview with China Daily, veteran management consultant in China and Founder … [Read More...]


China’s Industrial Slump Eases, No Hard Landing

Is there a quick fix for the Chinese economy? China’s industrial sector is still struggling against strong headwinds, but sentiment among firms is improving as the severity of overcapacity eases, a recent survey … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Alibaba Invests in Smartphone Brand Meizu

This week, Qualcomm got a rap on its knuckles and a $975 million fine; Alibaba invested in smartphone brand Meizu; and the Chinese imports figure plunged. Bad Data The most recent indicators of the Chinese economy … [Read More...]


Golf in China: A Chinese Tiger Woods?

Chinaʼs golfing prodigies have burst on to the world golfing scene, showing just how far the sport has come. In 2013, while most Chinese teenagers would have been busy studying for the countryʼs seemingly endless … [Read More...]


Is There a Start-Up Bubble in China?

Venture capitalists are pouring billions into start-ups and valuations are rocketing. Are these signs of a bubble in China's buzzing start-up sector? 2014 was a good year for Chinese start-up entrepreneurs, as … [Read More...]


First Response: a Crisis Management Strategy for China

As technology and consumers mature, firms in China are finding that a crisis management strategy is a must-have.  Chinaʼs notoriously tricky business environment is becoming ever tougher, with the past few years … [Read More...]


What’s Next for the Variable Interest Entity Structure?

China is revising the laws that govern the variable interest entity, a complicated structure used by many companies to bypass foreign investment restrictions. What are the implications? Last month, China’s … [Read More...]


China Roundup: What’s Behind China’s Required Reserve Ratio Cut?

This week, China’s central bank finally bit the bullet and cut the required reserve ratio by 50 basis points; and the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index hit a new low. Long-Awaited Cut The other shoe finally … [Read More...]


Alibaba and the Rest: The Davids Vs. Goliath

With its huge scale and steps toward global dominance, can anyone rival Alibaba's might in China's e-commerce sector? When Alibaba made its initial public offering (IPO) in September 2014, the results were … [Read More...]


No Purchase Necessary: the Sharing Economy in China

The sharing economy has been threatening traditional industries in the West. Now it’s gaining a foothold in China. In between mouthfuls of street-side noodles on a breezy October afternoon in Shanghai, Joyce Chen … [Read More...]


China Plus One: Does it Add Up?

As China changes, companies are being forced to adopt China Plus One strategies and look at other countries for manufacturing. Since opening up to the world in the late 1970s, China has transformed itself into … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Dumped! Shanghai’s GDP Growth Target

This week, Shanghai brought the annual practice of fixing GDP growth targets into sharp focus by simply abandoning it; Alibaba and SAIC washed their dirty linen in public; and Apple posted record profits bolstered … [Read More...]


Why E-commerce Alone Won’t Save the Chinese Retail Industry

CKGSB Professor Jack Chen on why the government should level the playing field in the Chinese retail industry. China’s economic growth might be at a 24-year low, but the country’s e-commerce sector continues to … [Read More...]


Should the Liquor Tax in China be Higher?

Liquor tax in China is lower than in most other countries. Prof Brian Viard on whether there is a case for raising it. A recent Economist article discussing increased consumption of alcohol in China pointed out … [Read More...]


The Chinese Property Market Conundrum

As the Chinese property market slows and complicates the country's economic outlook, the government faces a tricky balancing act. The Chinese property market, long identified as one of the key fault lines in the … [Read More...]


China Roundup: In 2014 the China GDP figure hit a 24-year low

This week, all eyes were on the 2014 China GDP figure, which at 7.4% was lower than the target of 7.5%; Tencent created a mini ad frenzy on WeChat; and LeTV’s electric car plans inched a step closer to … [Read More...]


China’s GDP: The Big Number

In 2014, China's GDP grew at 7.4%, the slowest in the last 24 years. A look at China's GDP as a proportion of global GDP over the years. China's GDP (gross domestic product), and the rate at which it changes, is … [Read More...]


Has the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lived Up to Its Promise?

A year on from its debut, we examine the hits and the misses of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The run-up to the launch of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai Free Trade Zone) was a story of both … [Read More...]


Is There a Chinese Silicon Valley?

As China seeks to innovate and upgrade its economy, has it developed any region that can definitively be called the Chinese Silicon Valley? The people in the packed room listen intently as the speaker spells out … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Lei Jun on the Xiaomi Note, innovation and smart homes

This week, Lei Jun triggered memories of Steve Jobs at the launch of the new Xiaomi Note where he also discussed the company’s future; taxi-hailing app Kuaidi Dache got a fresh cash infusion; and the eternal … [Read More...]


Amazon China: A Lightweight

Amazon China is redoubling its efforts, but will it succeed at the second attempt in the country's hyper-competitive e-commerce sector? If Amazon and its Founder, Chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos have one single … [Read More...]


When your Bank Interest is a Basketful of Vegetables

CKGSB professor Brian Viard on why Chinese banks are resorting to paying bank interest through Mercedes Benz cars, iPhones and even vegetables. Before the advent of money, bartering was used for transactions. … [Read More...]

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Who will Be the Next Superpower?

History shows that the world goes through cycles that repeat themselves. And from these cycles emerges the next superpower. The world is in disarray. Several problems—ranging from economic crises and geopolitical … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Is the Chinese Economy Rebalancing?

This week, Tencent launched China’s first private bank, local governments vowed to crack down on ride-hailing apps, and with China set to miss its growth targets, it is being speculated that the much needed economic … [Read More...]


China’s Taxi Apps Fight it Out: Didi Dache vs Kuaidi Dache

In China rival taxi apps are engaged in a fierce battle, and Tencent-backed Didi Dache and Alibaba-backed Kuaidi Dache are burning cash in a bid to outdo each other. After a whole week’s toil, the weekend finally … [Read More...]


Yidao Yongche: Is China’s Uber Better than Uber?

In just about three years, Yidao Yongche has carved a niche for itself in China’s car rental market. And now it is going global. When American ride-hailing company Uber formally entered China in February 2014, … [Read More...]


“Women Can Have it All – Just Not At the Same Time”

Finding a better work-life balance depends on setting clearer priorities. Women everywhere face the challenge of juggling their responsibilities at work and at home, but for ambitious professional women, the … [Read More...]


Can Women Have It All?

Can women have it all? Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi famously disagreed. And this is why she is right. These days, the demanding schedules of many professional women sound more and more like an unsolvable math problem: … [Read More...]

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How Well Did You Follow Chinese Business News in 2014? Find Out

Our little year-end quiz will tell you if you are up-to-date on Chinese business news ranging from Alibaba's mega IPO to China's economic growth. Go ahead and score!  2014 has been a challenging year for the … [Read More...]


The Glass Ceiling in China: Is it Getting Thinner or Thicker?

What does the prominence of successful business women, despite pressures from society and family, say about the glass ceiling in China? Family pressures and workplace biases mean that women in China have only a … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Why Dalian Wanda’s Wang Jianlin is not the richest man in China

This week, CEO Wang Jianlin missed the opportunity to become the richest man in China when the much awaited Dalian Wanda IPO turned out to be a damp squib and Xiaomi was valued at $45 billion, way higher than … [Read More...]


Crafting Winning Negotiation Strategies

Stuart Diamond, author of Getting More, on the negotiation strategies that will help you seal the deal—and achieve much more. Whether it is getting a salary raise at work or deciding on the terms of a joint … [Read More...]


Uber in China: In for the Long Haul?

Uber has plunged headlong into China’s immensely complex and hypercompetitive transportation and taxi app market. Can it win? Uber, the world’s hottest app-based transportation company, valued by some at $41 … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Baidu invests in Uber and the BYD stock price tumbles

This week, the BYD stock price fell sharply, as did Geely's; Baidu invested in ride-sharing company Uber; and China’s factory activity slowed further. Economy It seems like China’s factory activity is continuing … [Read More...]


Can Patents Disrupt Xiaomi’s Dream Run?

As it pushes for internationalization, what is Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi up against? China’s hottest smartphone maker Xiaomi is in the hot seat right now. Last week, the company hit a roadblock in India, … [Read More...]


Gary Hamel: “Innovation is the Only Insurance against Irrelevance”

For three decades strategy guru Gary Hamel has been stressing upon the need to make innovation a systemic capability, but have organizations done their bit? “The age of progress is over. It was born in the … [Read More...]