China Roundup: Alibaba Share Price Touches New High and Lenovo Completes Motorola Mobility Buyout

This week, Xiaomi was officially crowned the world’s third-largest smartphone maker but news of Lenovo completing its buyout of Motorola Mobility is clouding the verdict; and meanwhile the Alibaba share price touched new highs. China’s smartphone market: game of thrones Don’t be fooled by its innocent-sounding name—Xiaomi, which literally translates as “little rice”, leapfrogged ahead of competitors to become the world’s third-largest smartphone maker. According to new statistics from IDC released on Wednesday, the four-year-old company shipped 17.3 million handsets in the third quarter of this year and grabbed 5.3% of the global market, surpassing LG and Lenovo and trailing only … [Read More...]


Chinese Outbound Investment in Energy: Powering China

In the last two weeks, we took a close look at Chinese outbound investment in real estate and automobiles. This week, we turn the spotlight on the energy sector. Energy is undoubtedly a make or … [Read More...]

RMB with Chinese Knot

The Variable Interest Entity seems like a “Deliberate Nod and Wink”

Michael Brennan, a renowned academic in the field of finance, on the variable interest entity structure, China’s capital markets and the … [Read More...]


Learning from Market Entry: Keep Your Entrants Imaginary

What industry incumbents can learn from the forces that guide market entry. Walking to work a couple weeks ago I passed Beijing’s Jianguomen subway … [Read More...]

Allen-Wu, ARM

British Chip Designer ARM on How to Win in China

Allen Wu, chip designer ARMʼs Greater China President, explains how the company is navigating Chinaʼs increasingly treacherous environment for foreign … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Chinese economy grows by 7.3% (only) and Tesla turns to Tmall

This week, all eyes were on the Chinese economy growth figures, the lowest since 2009; the finance ministry planned to end quasi-muni bonds; and Tesla … [Read More...]


Chinese Outbound Investment in Auto: Stop! Wait! Go!

A look at how Chinese outbound investment in auto is rising and how marquee brands like Volvo Cars and Manganese Bronze now belong to Chinese … [Read More...]


Ed Hess on Building the New Age Learning Organization

To stay relevant in the future, individuals need to learn much more quickly and differently. That entails a different kind of learning … [Read More...]


Technology and Higher Education: Welcome to Future U!

How technology will make higher education better, but probably not cheaper. Matrix-style brain sockets may not be this year’s must-have … [Read More...]


Better Days for Business Between India and China?

Politics can often be a deal breaker in business between India and China. But now that might change due to changes in both economies. China and … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Robust Growth in China’s Exports and Imports and Alipay Gets a Makeover

This week data for China’s exports and imports showed robust growth despite forecasts that were less rosy; consumer inflation eased further; and … [Read More...]


Chinese Outbound Investment in Real Estate: Brick by Brick

Anbang Insurance's purchase of New York's iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel stunned many, but it's only the tip of the Chinese outbound investment iceberg. … [Read More...]


Should the West be Afraid of China’s State Capitalism?

The popular notion is that state-owned enterprises are very powerful in China. To what extent is that true? Are fears of China's state capitalism … [Read More...]


Nicholas Lardy on the Five Misconceptions About China

Do state-owned enterprises still hold sway over the Chinese economy? Economist Nicholas Lardy responds to that question, and lists out the five common … [Read More...]


The Secret Ingredient in Successful Innovation

How should would-be entrepreneurs scout for innovation opportunities? The key lies in finding industries with 'friction' and 'information … [Read More...]


China Roundup: The race to become the largest economy in the world and the UK Treasury’s RMB Bonds

This week, there was fresh debate over whether China will overtake the US to become the largest economy in the world this year, the RMB inched a step … [Read More...]


10 Jack Ma Quotes on How to be a Better Entrepreneur

We put together 10 Jack Ma quotes that sum up the Alibaba founder's business philosophy and his inspiring journey as an entrepreneur. “If you are … [Read More...]