Understanding the Bloodbath at the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Four stories behind the dramatic rise and the equally dramatic fall of the Shanghai Stock Exchange's stock index.Despite a seemingly unified effort to boost China’s stock market, the Shanghai Composite Index dropped 5.77% on Friday, extending the weekly loss to 12.7%. Share prices in Shanghai have dived 29% in the past 14 trading days, and no one knows if the slump is going to continue. So what happened in the past three weeks to what was otherwise a red-hot market?As Europe holds its breath over Greece, China's stock market slump is causing barely a ripple http://t.co/mznBywWNYA pic.twitter.com/rfqtU8GmNe— Bloomberg Business (@business) July 3, 2015De-leveragingThe boom of margin trading is … [Read More...]


Making Sense of the Chinese Consumer Revolution

Michael Zakkour, co-author of China’s Super Consumers, tells us what makes Chinese shoppers tick The Chinese consumer revolution shouldn’t be news to anyone, but the knowledge of what makes it … [Read More...]


BMW China: Foot to the Floor

BMW China President and CEO Karsten Engel on how China became the company's largest market globally, and how things are shaping up in the 'New Normal'. Three German automakers—BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz—rule … [Read More...]


American Entrepreneurship: Vastly Overrated?

American entrepreneurship rates are not that good right now. But is the picture as bleak as it is made out to be? The US is a country of entrepreneurs, fearlessly risking everything to make a fortune by bringing … [Read More...]


Understanding China’s Anti-Monopoly Law

At times controversial, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law is playing an increasingly important role in the country. In Beijing’s bustling suburb of Wangjing, the China headquarters of Microsoft and Daimler sit side by … [Read More...]


Down at the Docks: A Look at China’s Imports

One of many economic indicators, China's imports continue to inch up, but only just. As China enters the so-called "new normal", analysts continue to try to gauge where the economy is heading. China's imports are … [Read More...]

Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game: Changes in China’s Foreign Investment Law

A proposed change to China’s foreign investment law could have big implications for foreign investors. On the 19th of January, a seemingly normal Monday much like any other, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) … [Read More...]


Goodbye New York! Hello Shanghai!

A clutch of Chinese companies are preferring to delist from foreign stock exchanges due to the boom in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. An increasing number of Chinese companies listed in the US are … [Read More...]


OnePlus and its Global-First Strategy

In this series on The Chinapreneurs, we talk to Chinese smartphone company OnePlus' co-founder Carl Pei. While OnePlus has received many accolades in the global market, we look at whether it can recreate the same … [Read More...]


China and Hollywood Shake up the Box Office

The unlikely partnership of China and Hollywood is creating big blockbusters like Iron Man 3 and Furious 7. But why are such co-production arrangements necessary? The record-breaking Hollywood blockbuster … [Read More...]


The Subscription Economy: Mastering the New Subscription Model

The success of businesses in the new subscription economy needs more sophistication, nuance and responsiveness. In theory, the basic idea of a subscription business is simple: you take the customers’ money, … [Read More...]


The Subscription Economy: Why Subscriptions are More Popular than Ever

Subscription businesses are nothing new—in publishing, the subscription publication goes back to at least the 17th century. Yet these days, subscriptions are back in fashion. In this two-part series, we consider why … [Read More...]


Starting a Business in China Needs a Strong Adversity Quotient

In this series on The Chinapreneurs, we look at entrepreneurs' experiences in starting a business in China. In the first one, Kevin Zhao, CEO of Wangli Bank, elaborates on starting up in China's fast-changing … [Read More...]


Why Lenovo (Really) Needs to Keep ZUK at Arm’s Length

Lenovo is trying to crack the Chinese smartphone market with ZUK, the erstwhile ShenQi. But has it really figured things out? At around 5am every morning, Chang Cheng logs on to Weibo, China’s micro-blogging … [Read More...]

Starbucks from iStockphoto cropped

Starbucks in China: A Matcha Latte and Mooncakes, Please

The success of Starbucks in China has to do with things beyond just coffee. To win fans, it has had to localize not just its brews, but its hiring and retention policies as well. China has a long and rich tea … [Read More...]

Image by Chao Fansen/CKGSB Knowledge

“Go to China”: Jack Ma to American Small Businesses

During his whistle-stop trip to the US, Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma is busy courting small businesses China Inc.’s best salesman Jack Ma is in the US this week. This time he’s not selling … [Read More...]


Marketing in the Moment

Social media can be a great tool for marketing in the moment. Also the worst. Will they? Or won’t they? For months speculation was rife over whether Chinese actors Fan Bingbing and Li Chen would come together as … [Read More...]


Ghost Malls in China: Where Have all the Shoppers Gone?

With the rise of e-commerce and more discerning consumers, the recent growth of malls in China risks becoming redundant. On the third floor of the Huan Long shopping center in Shanghai, all is quiet. The mall, … [Read More...]

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US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on US-China Trade

Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce, discusses the shape of the US-China trade relationship While tensions can sometimes run high between the world’s two largest economies, business ties between China and … [Read More...]

Umbrella Trust 650x400

Umbrella Trusts in China: An RMB 400 Billion Problem

China’s stock market regulator is finally cracking down on umbrella trusts in a bid to defuse a potentially dangerous situation. Late last month, China’s stock market watchdog—China Securities Regulatory … [Read More...]


China’s Debt: A Ticking Time Bomb

Does China’s debt, which refuses to stop growing, threaten to take the show off the road? For years, China’s economic growth has surged ahead even as that of more advanced economies has stuttered in the wake of … [Read More...]

Redback Rodeo650x400

The Redback Rodeo: The RMB Exchange Rate

The RMB exchange rate is caught between two powerful forces: the surging Dollar and China’s rising power.  In the world of foreign exchange, the relationship between the RMB and the US Dollar is easily one of the … [Read More...]


CKGSB Knowledge Summer 2015 Issue: Big Data in China

The Summer 2015 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like: COVER STORY: One Billion Data Points: Big data has made its way to China and has been eagerly adopted by the countryʼs tech … [Read More...]


Alan Krueger on Job Growth and US Recovery

Alan Krueger, former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, shares his thoughts on the labor market, US economic recovery and the interplay with China. As the US economy recovers from the … [Read More...]


The Next Big Gold Rush: China’s Smart Home Market

Several companies—from tech giants like Alibaba to durables manufacturers like Haier—are placing big bets on the Smart Home market in China. A look at who's doing what. Although the concept of Smart Home is still … [Read More...]


Future Perfect: Smart Home Technologies Take Off

Smart Home technologies are out to change the way we live and make our life more efficient. The idea of Smart Homes has been getting a huge amount of popularity in recent years. Perhaps one of the best … [Read More...]


Is Corporate Social Responsibility China’s Secret Weapon?

Chinese companies are starting to realize that corporate social responsibility is an important part of their transformation into a reputed brand. Today, we hear a great deal about Chinese M&A deals, Chinese … [Read More...]


China Data: A Drop in Carbon Emissions in China

From stats on China's megacities to the drop in carbon emissions in China, the numbers you need to know. If you live in one of China's smog-stricken cities, the first thing you probably do after waking up is … [Read More...]

Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great

Jim Collins on the Building Blocks of Greatness

Jim Collins, author of management classics like Built to Last and Good to Great, on great companies, managing in a networked world and leadership. What makes companies great? And how do you define ‘greatness’? … [Read More...]


China’s Robam Bets Big on the Smart Appliances Market

Zhao Jihong, President of the Hangzhou-based high-end kitchen appliance maker Robam, believes that the future belongs to smart appliances. The hype surrounding the smart home concept has caused what some media … [Read More...]


Made in China 2025: Chinese Manufacturing to Get a Makeover

A look at why the Chinese government is giving manufacturing a makeover and the sectors that will be affected In 2012 Germany embarked on a journey to usher in what it calls Industry 4.0 into its manufacturing … [Read More...]


Brave Old World: Staying Motivated as a Mature Executive

You climbed all the organizational rungs and then hit the 'Now what?' question. Staying motivated is hard and here's what can you do about the situation. As the writer Vladimir Nabokov once noted, the future is … [Read More...]


Alibaba, Tencent and Walled Gardens: History Repeats Itself

In a bid to prevent users from venturing out of their proprietary environment, Alibaba and Tencent are aggressively adopting a walled garden strategy. In last year’s movie The Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s … [Read More...]


The State of Philanthropy in China

Philanthropy in China doesn't exactly have a good track record. What are the chances that the country will turn it around? On 28th April 2014 the People’s Daily, China’s top official newspaper, played host to a … [Read More...]


Brave Old World: The Art of Reviving a Brand

Brands have lifecycles and as they lose their relevance, they fall by the wayside. What really goes into reviving a brand and keeping it fresh? Every year, tired old brands are shoved aside by fresh new ones that … [Read More...]

Compass on renminbi

China’s Industrial Economy is At a Crossroad: Better Days Ahead?

CKGSB's Business Sentiment Index shows that China's industrial economy has finally stabilized after a year of contraction. China’s industrial sector has been passing through a rough phase, but there are enough … [Read More...]


Didi Dache-Kuaidi Dache Wants to Do More Than Just Drive you Home

Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of popular taxi app Didi Dache, on how the combined entity of Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache will evolve into a full-service transportation platform. Didi-Kuaidi, China’s biggest … [Read More...]


Airbus Group in China: High Altitude

  Laurence Barron, Chairman of Airbus Group China, on the company’s growth in China’s expanding aviation sector In China, the aerospace and aviation industries continue to soar higher and higher as its … [Read More...]

Image by Chao Fansen/CKGSB Knowledge

Alibaba Results Surprise Wall Street

By posting a 45% jump in revenues, the Alibaba results have defied expectations. A quick look at the big numbers. This week all eyes were on the Alibaba results. For a week speculation was rife that Alibaba … [Read More...]


An All-Click-No-Mortar Approach to China’s Fast Fashion Market

Chinese fast fashion brand Handuyishe is beating well-established rivals by focusing exclusively on e-commerce. Why is that a good strategy? In China Alibaba is a force in itself. Alibaba’s massive e-commerce … [Read More...]


Can ShenQi Help Lenovo Conquer the Chinese Smartphone Market?

By keeping start-up ShenQi at arm’s length, parent company Lenovo is hoping to get ahead of nimble rivals in the ultracompetitive Chinese smartphone market. An interview with CEO Chen Xudong. If you are familiar … [Read More...]


Homeward Bound: Chinese Sea Turtles Return to a New Reality

Long the purveyors of advanced skills and knowledge, Chinese sea turtles, or overseas returnees, are now finding a different environment back home. Growing up in Mianyang, Stone Shi didn’t always fit into his … [Read More...]