China Roundup: Baidu invests in Uber and the BYD stock price tumbles

This week, the BYD stock price fell sharply, as did Geely's; Baidu invested in ride-sharing company Uber; and China’s factory activity slowed further. Economy It seems like China’s factory activity is continuing to slow this month, as shown by a flash reading of the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) by HSBC/Markit. The gauge fell to 49.5, below the 50 threshold that separates expansion and contraction; it’s also the lowest reading in seven months. Real estate is widely regarded as a main contributor to the industrial slowdown. Numbers released today by China’s national statistics office show that average new home prices in 70 major cities kept on falling in November, … [Read More...]


Can Patents Disrupt Xiaomi’s Dream Run?

As it pushes for internationalization, what is Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi up against? China’s hottest smartphone maker Xiaomi is in the hot seat right now. Last week, the company hit a … [Read More...]


Gary Hamel: “Innovation is the Only Insurance against Irrelevance”

For three decades strategy guru Gary Hamel has been stressing upon the need to make innovation a systemic capability, but have organizations done … [Read More...]


The Gary Hamel Interview: Unleashing another Revolution

Gary Hamel, the Godfather of Management 2.0, on reengineering the DNA of organizations based on, among other things, the principles of … [Read More...]

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Tesla China: Charging Up!

Having finally brought its innovative technology here, Tesla China now faces the challenge of making it work in the worldʼs largest auto market. In … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Taxi App Didi Dache Gets a $700 million Warchest

This week, Chinese taxi app Didi Dache secured funding of more than $700 million, easily the biggest private investment in China’s mobile internet … [Read More...]


Is Mobile the Future of Banking?

Mobile banking is proving to be a disruptive force for more traditional branch banking. What is the future of banking as we know it—and the future of … [Read More...]


Railroaded? The Logic Behind Merging Two Chinese Train Manufacturers

Examining the possible reasons behind the merger of two Chinese train manufacturers, China CNR Corp. and CSR Corp. On September 4 China’s … [Read More...]


Women on Corporate Boards: Ladies Last

Boards are integrating, slowly. But so far the proportion of women on corporate boards is still minuscule.  This is the second article in our … [Read More...]


China Statistics: R&D spending, Automobile Sales and Bad Loans

The China statistics you need to know: from data on growth in R&D spending to flagging automobile sales and China's precious metal exports. All … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Xiaomi’s ‘Smart’ Moves; and NDRC’s attempt to tackle pollution

This week, smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi made new moves in the wearable technology space; Tencent signed a deal to boost its K-pop quotient; and NDRC … [Read More...]

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The CKGSB Business Conditions Index: Tempered Optimism

The CKGSB Business Conditions Index shows that after a challenging year, Chinese entrepreneurs have regained some of their confidence, but only … [Read More...]


CKGSB Knowledge Winter 2014 Issue: China Embraces the Sharing Economy

The Winter 2014 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like: COVER STORY: No Purchase Necessary: The sharing economy has … [Read More...]


The High Cost of Discrimination

Why the cost of discrimination in terms of race, gender or sexual orientation is so high, and why prejudice makes us all poorer. This is Part 1 of … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: Shanghai Composite Index Touches a High and the Tencent-Alibaba Battle

This week, the Shanghai Composite Index reached a 40-month peak; experts speculated on future PBOC rate cuts, following last week’s interest rate cut … [Read More...]


Chinese Outbound Investment in Entertainment: Pass Me the Popcorn!

In our last infographic of the Chinese outbound investment series, this week, we are focusing on China’s burgeoning entertainment … [Read More...]


Tom Doctoroff on Marketing in the Digital Era

Tom Doctoroff, CEO, J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific, on why marketers need to embrace the digital era without forgetting the fundamentals of … [Read More...]