China Roundup: Apple inches ahead of Samsung in China; China’s Staggering Debt; and a New Food Scandal

The week that was: Apple is making a comeback and beating Samsung in China; China has a debt-to-GDP ratio of a whopping 251%; and fast food giants find themselves battling a new food scandal. Will Apple eat Samsung’s pie?  Although the earnings report of Apple’s third fiscal quarter of 2014 (Apple's fiscal quarter runs from end September 2013-end September 2014) sent a mixed picture (profit beat but iPad sales dropped), the Cupertino-based company is doing surprisingly well in China. While Apple’s revenue grew 6% worldwide, its Greater China revenue jumped 28% from last year. iPhone and Mac sales were up 48% and 39% respectively, while iPad sales increased by a whopping 51% (compared … [Read More...]


InnoSpring: Bridging China and Silicon Valley

InnoSpring CEO Xiao Wang discusses the role of the first US-China tech start-up accelerator in closing the gap between China and Silicon Valley. Earlier this month, Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet … [Read More...]


Aging Population in China: Having a Senior Moment

The aging population in China needs a housing solution. So what’s stopping the industry from booming? Since the beginning of 2014, Jim Biggs has … [Read More...]

Degree to Nowhere

Unemployment in China: Degree to Nowhere?

Official figures of unemployment in China may not be showing us the reality of joblessness for recent graduates and migrant workers. Recent … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Chinese economy grew 7.5% in Q2; Alibaba delays IPO; and another bond market default on the horizon

The week that was: the Chinese economy clocked 7.5% growth; new home prices still in a tailspin; Shanxi-based Huatong Road & Bridge Group heads … [Read More...]

Adam Grant, Professor of Management, Wharton School of Business, Author of Give and Take

Adam Grant on Why Giving is Good

Giving is good, we have all been told. It makes you a good person and it is the right thing to do. Now Adam Grant, Professor of Management at Wharton … [Read More...]


Real Estate in China: If You Build It, Will they Come?

Real estate in China has gone into a downward spiral and the slowing property market is casting a shadow over developers. On a spring afternoon in … [Read More...]

The X-change-Factor

The X-Change Factor: China’s Capital Account Liberalization

China’s capital account liberalization and the new normal. Strolling through Hong Kong Central district at the junction of Garden Road and Queens … [Read More...]

Chinese flage in a keyboard

China Roundup: Qihoo 360 Launches a VC Fund; China’s Trade Numbers Improve; and Electric Cars to Get Cheaper

The week that was: Qihoo 360 heads to Silicon Valley to fund start-ups; CCTV's latest smear campaign targets Bank of China; China's trade numbers look … [Read More...]


Restrictions on New Car Purchases: An Economist’s Road Trip

Various cities across China are restricting new car purchases in an effort to curb pollution and traffic using either auctions or lotteries. Which of … [Read More...]


Real Estate in China: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What ails real estate in China? Are we heading for a property market crash? Does the government need to step in and save the day? In this wide-ranging … [Read More...]


Why Elon Musk Released Tesla’s Patents

Overnight the maverick electric car company became an evangelist of the Open Source philosophy. Why is releasing Tesla's patents such a big … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Transformers in China; Tencent’s stake in; and Hon Hai dumps Huawei

The week that was: Transformers raked in the riches in China; Chinese brands stole market share from global brands; Tencent picked up a stake in … [Read More...]


The Business of Urbanization in China

The government is preparing to throw billions into urbanization in China, but has it thought through the hardware challenges? Perhaps the most … [Read More...]


Martin Roll on Building Strong Chinese Brands

Brand strategist Martin Roll talks about the state of branding in Chinese companies and strategies that will help build truly global Chinese … [Read More...]


Gaming in China: Can China Make the Next Angry Birds?

Gaming in China is a passion that knows no bounds. But can the Chinese gaming industry build something as phenomenal as Angry Birds? Max Zhang has … [Read More...]

Red Door-Resized

China Roundup: Metal-financing Scandal Deepens; FTZ Interest Rate Uncapped; And Fosun’s stake in US Film Studio

The week that was: metal-financing fraud puts small traders in risks; forex interest rate liberation expands in Shanghai; Xunlei files for IPO; and … [Read More...]