The Hidden Risks in Wealth Management in China

The government is putting wealth management in China under the microscope, and is slowly catching up with the inherent risk of wealth management products. Can banks continue to invent new skirting methods? Bank deposits are boring, says Jane, a new recruit at a local bank in Shanghai. In a country where the government holds deposit rates artificially low, sometimes dipping below inflation, people are eager to shed the title ‘depositor’ for a more aggressive appellation—say, ‘investor’. Bankers are just as weary, if not anxious. Since 2009, China’s biggest commercial banks have pieced together a universe of high-yielding investment options, known as wealth management products or WMPs. … [Read More...]


Holiday Diary: Chinese Outbound Tourism Statistics

A look at Chinese outbound tourism statistics: which countries feature big on the travel plans of Chinese tourists and how they are impacting the local economy there. The number of Chinese tourists … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: China Industrial Production Slows and the Alibaba-Alipay Relationship Restructured

This week, China industrial production figures revealed a slower growth from last year; Lenovo and Tencent reported profits while sportswear … [Read More...]


The Importance of Creativity in Business

NYU-Stern professor Kim Corfman on the importance of creativity in business and the role of culture in spurring or constraining … [Read More...]


Will Competition Work in Chinese Industries?

Can increased competition in Chinese industries help the country meet its goals for greater reforms? During last November’s Third Plenum, the … [Read More...]

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Online money transfers and the “Skype” of money

Companies like TransferWise and CurrencyFair are gaining popularity in the online money transfer market. Will such services disrupt traditional … [Read More...]


China Roundup: The Tesla China trademark row; raid on Mercedes-Benz; and rules for WeChat

This week, Mercedes-Benz faced an anti-monopoly probe; the Tesla China trademark episode finally came to an end; WeChat got new rules for news while … [Read More...]


Heart 2 Heart: Online Dating Sites in China

Online and mobile dating should be a natural fit for the country, so why are are dating sites in China not making more money? Swirling pools of … [Read More...]


Can Amazon’s Fire Phone Replicate the Kindle’s Success?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is placing big bets on the new Fire Phone. But the first challenge is to get the Fire Phone in the hands of customers already … [Read More...]

Air pollution in Beijing

Air Pollution in China: What’s at Stake?

How serious is air pollution in China and how is the country addressing it at a policy level? Also, what kind of business opportunities is this … [Read More...]

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China Roundup: China PMI index up; raids on Microsoft and Alibaba invests in Kabam

This week, China PMI index (Purchasing Managers Index) showed a slight improvement as did the Shanghai Composite Index; Microsoft likely to face … [Read More...]


Understanding the Globalization of Chinese Companies

Joel Backaler, author of China Goes West, talks of the globalization of Chinese companies and whether or not the West needs to be wary of … [Read More...]


Facebook’s Social Experiment: A Marketer’s Perspective

Facebook's social experiment has angered many. But the social network may have learnt a thing or two about better customer segmentation and … [Read More...]


Samsung in China: A Tenuous Hold

Samsung in China is not where it used to be. Can the South Korean electronics giant fend off domestic brands and Apple to stay at the top of China’s … [Read More...]


China Roundup: Apple inches ahead of Samsung in China; China’s Staggering Debt; and a New Food Scandal

The week that was: Apple is making a comeback and beating Samsung in China; China has a debt-to-GDP ratio of a whopping 251%; and fast food giants … [Read More...]


InnoSpring: Bridging China and Silicon Valley

InnoSpring CEO Xiao Wang discusses the role of the first US-China tech start-up accelerator in closing the gap between China and Silicon … [Read More...]


Aging Population in China: Having a Senior Moment

The aging population in China needs a housing solution. So what’s stopping the industry from booming? Since the beginning of 2014, Jim Biggs has … [Read More...]